Fixed YCH Status Trello Card
Ongoing YCH Auction

Please let me know the information below and send them to me when you commission:

  • Character name:
  • Item: (Colored sketch, cel-shading or detailed shading etc...)
  • Reference/Images: (A reference sheet or several images of your character.)
  • Description: (Description of your character such as pose, expression.)
  • Email: (To send you an Paypal invoice.)

Thank you for your interest. To commission me, you should follow everything in my Terms of Service. If you don't want to read all stuffs, just ask away. Once you paid the commission, you also agree to my ToS.

I accept all safe and suggestive art commissions, No NSFW and fetish arts.


Fixed pose, expression or species etc. Similar to YCH. Any major change may raise the price.


Classic YCH auctions. People who has highest bid wins the picture.

You can find all YCH auctions on my